Benefits Summary -  Blue Cross 
Supply Requisition
Student Incident Form
The email protocol for MOCS and ARISE employees: first name (dot) last name following by
Powerschool ATTENDANCE
Benefits Link  - Find a Dentist
Click on link, then Dental, enter zip, and select PDP plus.
Vision Summary - Printable Card
Mildred Osborne Staff - Check Stub and Leave Request (PTO Requests)
Things you need....
Employee documents
Your health....
Your money....
Staying in touch...
Student related....
Employee tax form W-4 Federal
Employee tax form L-4 State 
Fill out L-4 anytime you fill out/change the W-4 . L-4 and W-4 go together.
Find a doctor or hospital -  Blue Cross 
Click on link, then enter "XUA" as the Prefix and enter the rest of your search criteria.
Student Field Trip Form - See your ops team
ARISE Course of Study updated July 2013***
Payroll schedule for remainder of school year
More docs coming soon....
Teacher Resources
Payment Request Form
Don't have a dental card on you? Don't worry.  Our policy number 05-734686.  The dentist's office can call (877)  638-3379 to verify and process claims.
July 2013 - School Calendar
 Email link - click here!
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Mildred Osborne Staff - How to retrieve your paystub & How to Request Time Off/PTO
ARISE - Check Stubs
ARISE Staff - How to retrieve your check stub
Video Instructions to take attendance for download
Video Instructions via youtube.
Both videos are the same.
Adjust settings/quality to 480p if not in focus.
Retirement Changes
Please log into the Principal Financial Group website to make changes and send an email to  to confirm payroll changes.